Company Profile

Universal Planning Services Pty Limited (T/A UniPLAN Australia) was incorporated on 7 June 2000 and has operated since 1 July 2000.  In that timeframe UniPLAN Australia has delivered more than 500 planning projects ranging from development application submissions and Part 5 assessments , including proposals for complex state government developments with an estimated cost exceeding $40M, through to major strategic planning studies.  UniPLAN Australia's involvement in these projects has required a high level of  interaction with state government departments/ agencies, and local government planners, health and building surveyors, engineers, and community service officers.  UniPLAN Australia has undertaken extensive consultation with community interest groups and affected property owners to deliver specialist planning projects/ developments.

Director's Profile

Mr Stephan Andrusiw is the Director/ Principal Consultant Town Planner of UniPLAN Australia.  He is responsible for co-ordinating and providing the planning consultancy services offered by UniPLAN Australia.  Mr Andrusiw possesses a Graduate Diploma in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of New England, an honours degree in Building from the University of New South Wales, and is a member and Registered Planner of the Planning Institute of Australia.  He also possesses a current NSW Builder's Licence and is a member of the Housing Industry Association.

Mr Andrusiw's work in local government has given him a thorough grounding in development approval processes under NSW planning legislation.  As a Senior Planner in Resitech (a former service agency of the NSW Department of Housing), Mr Andrusiw gained strategic planning and asset management skills that ensured the achievement of planning outcomes based on integrated asset management solutions for large-scale neighbourhood improvement programs.

Some important functions carried out by Mr Andrusiw over the span of his career have included:

Managing a professional team of planners involved in obtaining development approvals for residential development

Providing high level professional planning advice

Co-ordinating planning services to implement neighbourhood improvement of major social housing estates

Specialist knowledge and experience in the delivery of commercial, industrial, educational, medical and other non-residential land uses

Preparation of environmental impact assessments/ reviews of environmental factors

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